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American Bird Conservancy with hummingbird outline in blue with red gorget.

American Bird Conservancy


American Bird Conservancy is dedicated to conserving wild birds and their habitats throughout the Americas. Visit.

Always Be Birdin' Logo

Always Be Birdin’


Birds are extremely awesome. But birding can be intimidating and difficult. Always Be Birdin’ aims to change the narrative of birding. How we bird, where we bird and who is birding. Join me as I go out into the field with BIPOC birding experts, novice baby birders like myself and nature enthusiasts to do some chaotic, goofy birding while dropping a knowledge bomb or two to show that no matter what, you can Always Be Birdin’. Podcast. Instagram. Twitter.

American Birding Association

Impact AND MEDIA Partner

The American Birding Association inspires all people to enjoy and protect wild birds. Visit.

Audubon Society of Central Maryland Logo

Audubon Society of Central Maryland


ASCM is a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1985 with a mission to protect and restore birds, other wildlife, and their habitats through stewardship, education, and advocacy, for the benefit of all people and the earth. Visit.

Audubon Naturalist Society


The Audubon Naturalist Society inspires residents of the greater Washington, DC, region to appreciate, understand, and protect their natural environment through outdoor experiences, education, and advocacy. Visit.

logo with Defensores de la Cuenca written

Defensores de la Cuenca


Defensores de la Cuenca which translates to “Watershed Defenders” works to connect Latinos and Spanish-speakers to the Chesapeake Bay Watershed through increased knowledge, shared experiences, and opportunities to express their interest in a way that is most comfortable to them. Visit.

Delaware Ornithological Society

Direct Sponsor

The object and purpose of this Society shall be the promotion of the study of birds, the advancement and diffusion of ornithological knowledge, and the conservation of birds and their environment. Visit.

DC Audubon Society

Direct Sponsor

DC Audubon Society aims to promote the appreciation and conservation of birds and their habitats through the participation of those in the DC area. Visit.

Text: Feather & Foxglove with two birds mirroring one another above the text.

Feather & Foxglove

Direct Sponsor

Feather & Foxglove is curated collection of vintage adornments for the body and nest ~ inspired by flora & fauna, sky & earth. Our goal is to promote conservation by celebrating both recycled fashion and natural science, with a portion of sales as direct support for work in the field. This year, 2021, a portion of sales benefits Amplify the Future! Visit.

Liz Clayton Fuller Logo

Liz Clayton Fuller

Direct Sponsor

Liz Clayton Fuller is a Nashville based Natural Science Illustrator specializing in birds. With her work, Liz hopes to inspire folks to build a connection with birds and nature through art. You can find her online shop here and see her work on InstagramFacebookTwitter, and Twitch.

Hannah and Erik Go Birding Podcast Logo

Go Birding Podcast


Hannah and Erik are birders and podcasters who love to explore, adventure, meet new people, and watch birds. On their show they highlight cool places, discuss neat birds, showcase awesome people, and have a good time! Join them as they discuss their most recent adventures and other birding topics. They are not experts but are always game to learn and experience new things. Podcast.

Audubon Hog Island Audubon Camp Logo

Hog Island Audubon Camp

Impact Partner

In partnership with Hog Island Audubon Camp, we are proud to promote scholarships to Hog Island Audubon Camp through Amplify the Future! These scholarship opportunities are not limited to applicants of the Black and Latinx Birders Scholarship. They are available to any individual who identifies as Black, Indigenous, or as a Person of Color, and any/all intersections therein. Program information is available here.

Abstract logo with words Manomet.


Direct Sponsor

Learn more about Manomet on their website and/org across their social media pages: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Photograph of Person with Dark Hair and Glasses.

Rosemary Mosco: Bird Moon Comics

Direct Sponsor

Rosemary makes books and cartoons that connect people with the natural world.

Her Bird and Moon nature comics were the subject of an award-winning museum exhibit and are collected in a book that’s a 2019 ALA Great Graphic Novel for Teens. She co-wrote The Atlas Obscura Explorer’s Guide for the World’s Most Adventurous Kid, a NYT Best Seller. She speaks at birding festivals and writes for the PBS kids’ show Elinor Wonders Why

Join Bird Moon Comic’s newsletter here.

Sacramento Audubon Society Logo

Sacramento Audubon Society

Direct Sponsor

The mission of the Sacramento Audubon Society is to:

  • Promote the protection and scientific study of wild birds.
  • Foster the enjoyment and appreciation of wild birds through community outreach.
  • Encourage, support, and provide environmental educational opportunities.
  • Advocate for the conservation of open space in the Sacramento region.


Southern Maryland Audubon Society

Direct Sponsor

Southern Maryland Audubon Society (SMAS) is a chapter of the National Audubon Society (NAS) and is the largest citizen group involved in nature study and natural resource conservation issues in the counties of Calvert, Charles, St. Mary’s, and southern Prince George’s. SMAS was founded in 1971 and was chartered by NAS in 1972.  Visit.

Virginia Society of Ornithology

Direct Sponsor

The Virginia Society of Ornithology exists to encourage the systematic study of birds in Virginia, to stimulate interest in birds, and to assist the conservation of wildlife and other natural resources. Visit.