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Text: What & Why: For Equity

From scholarships benefiting students who identify under the imperfect term “BIPOC” to Freedom Birders. We offer multiple opportunities for career development, community science, and networking.

Amplify the Future’s programs are made sustainable by its supporter, sponsors, and private donors. We offer two different types of scholarships benefitting birders who self-identify under the imperfect term “BIPOC”, that is, Black, Indigenous, and/or person(s) of color (and all intersections therein); we have a week-long community science event which aims to improve neighborhood parks across the nation; and hold multiple events such as our career development series, bird outing seminars, and symposiums.

Why? Our passion for opening up spaces for equity began with out own experiences in education, conservation, birding, and our desire to “pay it forward”. Let’s amplify the future of conservation, STEAM, and birding—together.

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