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BIG SIT UPDATE with a Rde-tailed Hawk and Black and Latinx Birders logo with flowers in the background.

What an amazing day we had at our semi-annual BIG SIT-A-THON! We experienced 21 more birds than we had last fall and raised 50% more in donations and pledges! All together we experienced 97 species! THANK YOU!

The day started bright and early at 6:30 AM with Tykee and Orietta on the East Coast and a few hours later we were joined by Yamina in New Jersey, then by our West Coast birders: Andrés in Arizona and Sam from Always Be Birdin’ in Oregon (who saw us through the rest of they day!). Throughout the day we were joined by special guests Jordan Rutter and Gabriel Foley, founders of Bird Names for Birds, and later on we had a special guest visitor from Puerto Rico, Adrianne Tossas, president of Birds Caribbean.  

We are very grateful to our fiscal sponsor, American Bird Conservancy, for supporting our work in more ways than one! If you missed the BIG news, ABC has committed to matching all of our donations up to $10K!

Thank you to all of our supporters for showing us a lot of love during our BIG SIT and for supporting the scholarship!

If you still need to make your donation or pay your pledge, please do so here.

$0.25 per bird counted! = $24.25

$0.50 per bird counted! = $48.50

$1.00 per bird counted! = $97.00

$2.00 per bird counted! = $194.00

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